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Teaching Notes for Men You Don't Know You Know


Use in the classroom to discuss: segmented narratives; first-person narrative strategies; furtive performances of the personal; broadcast performances of the personal; the death drive; family dynamics; humor; imagination; presidential personae; celebrity personae; interpersonal orbits; earnest explorations of the masculine; sport; road trips; mixed drinks; cash flow; the rules and roles of numbers; "America"; trivia night.  

Pairs well with Thousands of Shredded Scraps…, Weird Weeks, and In Transit

Men You Don't Know You Know by Chase Burke

  • 60 pages.

    Perfect bound.


    Trivia Question: Who was the thirty-seventh president of the United States of America? Trivia Question: Who marched the Million Dollar Man into Macy's at gunpoint? Trivia Question: Who had the most consecutive starts as an NFL player? Take your time. Argue it out. Find all your answers in Chase Burke’s Men You Don’t Know You Know, winner of The Cupboard Pamphlet’s 2020 Annual Contest. In these five comic tales, Burke propels readers through the detritus of American Industries with tenderness and gallows humor enough for all of us. Trivia Question: Who made first introductions over drinks? Trivia Question: Who wore the white-sequined suit? Trivia Question: Who improvised an entire retirement? No need to search out answers. You've known these men all along.

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