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Teaching Notes for Weird Weeks:

Use in the classroom to discuss: segmented narratives; first-person narrative strategies; aggressively weird prose; vivid world viewed through a very strange lens; collaborative writing processes; prompts; constraints; (sur)realism; characters in uncanny environments; flux narratives; short prose forms; hopeful dystopia; humor; imagination; vivid worlds viewed through a very strange lens; "America"; cats.  


Pairs well with A Brief Encyclopedia of Modern Magic, Last Days of the Microsaurs, Daddy Issues; Shredded Scraps (forthcoming)

Weird Weeks by Ryan Ridge & Mel Bosworth

  • 76 pages.

    Perfect bound.


    The cats have demands and our hands have become bricks. The fighter pilots always occupy the sky. Our brothers gather up sentimental baseball bats and gift us with the beatings of our lives in broad daylight. These are strange days. These are Weird Weeks. In this microcollection of microfictions, Ryan Ridge and Mel Bosworth hold that we can carry through each humdinger of a day—slapstick and sour in turn—no matter the ridiculousness of our muster.

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