Teaching Notes for In Transit:

Use in the classroom to discuss: earnest explorations of masculinity; place studies; social conversations about gender, orientation, and marriage; love in times of change; fatherhood; parenthood; partnership; personal reflection; flux narratives; explorations of memory; place as repository of memory

Pairs well with Prehistoric, 26 Abductions, Daddy Issues

In Transit by Krys Malcolm Belc

  • 54 pages.

    Perfect bound.


    A memoir in fourteen flashes, Krys Malcolm Belc’s In Transit presents the story of a self in transition. Part travelogue, part personal history, In Transit offers a meditation on shift and social meaning. Taxis, airports, gas stations, tattoos, teaching, wrong trains, stolen buses, old homes, identity cards, kitchen conversations—none are as simple as they first appear. Instead, Belc’s compact nonfictions palpate the pressure points and complexities of trans identity, probing the way in which memory, movement, and apperception lodge in the same space.