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Teaching Notes for Unset

Use in the classroom to discuss: bodies of water; routes, paths, wayfinding; writing as a winnowing activity; writing as a widening activity; disappearances; misapprehensions; (mis)communications; dream-logic; doorways; limbs; longings; silence as object; phrasal time-markers; memory; remembrances; containment devices; confession; interrogation; eavesdropping; body parts; glossiness as an aesthetic; glassiness as an aesthetic; ripple effects; photographs; mirrors; insects; mimicries; surface tension. 


Pairs well with Remove to Play; Reports; Dante’s Cartography; What I Remember of My Love Affair with the Bird & Other Stories

Unset by Alice Mercier

  • 72 pages.

    Perfect bound.


    In Unset, Alice Mercier documents the kinds of conversations that occur between kerb and cobblestone. Here is the white insect in salt; the extended limb in light; the dreamed woman in the moment after movement, digging in soil and then still. Here is the hanging gauze of memory; here is the blackened print; here is the wakewater, churning in every available container. What remains when one is left behind? What is it to resist the thrust of the inevitable? From observation and unblunted memoir, Mercier makes a five part map, allowing us access the unquiet undersides that swell beneath every blue surface.

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