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Teaching Notes for Suburban Folktales:

Use in the classroom to discuss: folktales; literary lineages; the formation and organization of a story collection; genre hybridization; bodies as material objects; depictions of pregnancy; depictions of illness; contemporary dystopias; political critique; social conversations about gender, orientation, and marriage; doppelgangers; dolls; hauntings; stolen experiences; animal personae; characters who are unrealistic/surreal yet believable/knowable; uncanny characters in everyday environments; place studies; the suburbs; "America"; gender (roles); apples.


Pairs well with Daddy Issues, Prehistoric, Surviving in Drought, Mother Tongues.

Suburban Folktales by Josh Russell

  • 48 pages.

    Perfect bound.


    In Josh Russell’s Suburban Folktales, the humdrum ennui of housewives and suburbanites is enfolded an old logic, a folk logic. Princesses home birth babies in their sleep, passers-by home birth diminutive duplicates on the sidewalk, and pregnant queens keep company with neoliberal birds. Kings text their daughters. Everyone already has cancer. Everybody has a complaint. But who reigns over the suburbs? Who will repair the storm damage? Who will purchase dough enough to make a man? Formed from the lineage of Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales, Russell’s stories suggest that even quotidian cares are subject to the strange and wondrous.


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