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Our Commutual Mea Culpa by Chanelle Benz

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  • 30 pages. Tape-bound.


    In 1829, an anonymous writer published the domestic tale of wicked children and sexual intrigue titled Our Commutual Mea Culpa. Later reprinted as Red Casket of the Heart, the volume tells the sorrowful tale of Adela, a woman with a secret past now nearing spinsterhood, and the mess of children that decide to rid her of her romantic woes. Now, almost two centuries later, The Cupboard is pleased to present a new edition of the volume, complete with editor’s commentary, with the grand hopes of bringing this cautionary tale of love, lust, and the deep South to a contemporary audience.

  • Katie Jean Shinkle is the author of one novella, The Show Must Go On (Blue Square Press), and four chapbooks. She is a doctoral candidate in creative writing at the University of Denver.

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