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Teaching Notes for Of Flesh and Fur:

Use in the classroom to discuss: fatherhood; parenthood; trickster figures; coyotes; animal personae; cloning; B-movie horror; sci-fi; genre play and formation; family dynamics; literature of the mountainous West; natural environments; semi-natural environments; technological environments; encounters with the abject; babies.

Pairs well with The Hand Implements, Reports, The Movie My Murderer Makes.

Of Flesh and Fur by duncan b. barlow

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  • 50 pages. Perfect-bound.

    When even the inner parts of a heart squall with want, calling out a compulsion to procreate, to propagate, to continue the family line with a child, a child—then a child must be had, by any means necessary. But in duncan b. barlow’s Of Flesh and Fur, what was once so wanted twists towards its own toothy hunger, smacking counter slabs and shrieking out the wrong words for a father's love. Squirrels scatter. The coyotes are closing in. There is only so much meat.

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