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Meet The small presses who donated

Nearly 400 books were donated by 55 presses to The Cupboard Pamphlet's fundraiser. We listed the books we have to give away below, and you can see more at the press' websites. Just click on their name to see their full catalogues.

Hunting Is Painting by Jessica Savitz

Pike and Bloom by Matthew Nye

Housebound by Elizabeth Gentry

The &Now Awards 2

Gauguin's Notebook by Christopher Rey Perez

Galerie de Difformite by Gretchen E. Henderson

There's No Place Like Time by Alana Olsen

Titanic by Cecilia Corrigan

The Whitmire Case by Joanna Ruocco (x2)

The Botanical Garden by Ellen Welcker (x2)

Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: A memoir of Richard Brautigan by Keith Abbot

Contagion by Brian Evenson

Buckskin Cocaine by Erika T. Wurth

Brutal Synecdoche by Mark Tursi

Line Study of a Motel Clerk by Allison Pitinnii Davis (x2)

How Come I Always Get Blamed for the Things I Do? by Brian Crane

25 Years of Pickles by Brian Crane

Pickles by Brian Crane

Tinkers by Paul Harding (signed)

Good People by Robert Lopez (signed)

Die Die Dinosaur by Michael Sikkema (x5)

Through a Certain Forest by Laura Madeline Wiseman (x5)

Pickles & Jams by cris cheek (x5)

Baldur's Gate II by Matt Bell (x3)

Galaga by Michael Kimball (x3)

Dirt Road by James Kelman (x9)

Watchlist Ed. Bryan Hurt

Guesswork by Martha Cooley (x5)

Nine Island by Jane Alison (x4)

Beyond the High Blue Air by Lu Spinney (x2)

A Bestiary by Lily Hoang (x5)     (CUPBOARD PAMPHLET AUTHOR)

Meaty: Essays by Samantha Irby

I Will Love You for the Rest of My Life by Michael Czyzniejewski

Jillian by Halle Butler

Does Not Love by James Todd Adcox

If I Would Leave Myself Behind by Lauren Becker

Chthonic by John James

Little Violences by Raven Jackson

Variation on Testimony by Lisa Hutton

When the Moon Was Ours for the Taking by Wendell Mayo

Book of Lake by Nicholas Gulig

What Dorthea Did by Paul Legault

Big by Drew Scott Swenhaugen

Don't Let Me Forget to Feed the Sharks by Jeff Alessandrelli

Sudden Lake by Rebecca Farivar

Coos and Ons by Haley Rene Thompson

We Used To Have Parties by Justin Marks

By The Hours by Eric Hoffman

Text(isles) by Nancy Kassell

The Magnificence of Ruin by Sherry Kearns

Reports from Babylon and Beyond by David Schloss

Drawing the Shade by Michael Rothenberg

Marriage Map by Owen Lewis

In Lands Imagination Favors by Don Schofield

Duties of the Heart by Bea Opengart

Boundary Violations by Tom Cheetam

The Ratio of Reason to Magic by Norman Finkelstein

Filched by James Tolan

Angles of Incidents by Jon Curley

In the Clearing by Madeline Tiger

Otherwise, We Are Safe by Olivia Stiffler

Sonnets from The Voyage of the Beagle by Rick Mullin

The Refrain by Anne Whitehouse

A Soul Inside Each Stone by John Tripolous

The Crane Is Flying by David Almaleck Wolinsky

The Pond in Room 318 by Kip Zegers

And We'd Understand Crows Laughing (x2) by W. Nick Hill

An Autobiography by Panagiotis A. Tsonis

Meteor Shower by Anne Whitehouse

Terrible Woods by Paul Bray

Old Ballerina Club by Sharon Olinka

Adventures of Pi by Tyrone Williams

Secrets No One Must Talk About by Martin Willitts Jr.

Where Drunk Men Go by Richard Hague

Between Red & Green: Narrative of the Black Brigade by Tyrone Williams

The Way We Live by Burt Kimmelman

From the Viewing Standby by Madeline Tiger

New Shadows by Jon Curley

Les Trophees by Jose-Maria de Heredia's

Ways We Hold by Jennifer Arin

Tomas Simon by Samantha Reiser

Eyewitness by Natalie Safir

Sometimes Full of Daylight by Owen Lewis

Riding the Wave Train by Rhonda Pettit

Realms of the Mothers: The First Decade of Dos Madres Press

Forms of Life by Eric Hoffman

Deep Kiss by Sherry Kearns

Stanzas on Oz by David M. Katz

The Red Handkerchief by Daniel Shapiro

Revolutions by John Mattias, Jean Dibble, Robert Archambeau

Foreigner by Keith Holyoak

The Girls in Bright Dresses Dancing by Gerry Grubbs

Chemical Poems: One on Each Element by Mario Markus

Blue Nocturne by W. Nick Hill

No Border Is Perennial by Ruth D. Handel

Plagiarist by Pamela L. Laskin

In No Man's Ear by R. Nemo Hill

The American Eye by Eric Hoffman

Bird in the Hand by Lianne Spidel

The Answer to Each Is the Same by Pam O'Brien

Momentary Stays by Ruth D. Handel

When Men Bow Down by R. Nemo Hill

The Dhow House by Jean McNeil

The Barefoot Bingo Caller by Antanas Sileika

Congratulations on Everything by Nathan Whitlock

Berlin-Warszawa Express by Eamon McGrath

Refrigerated Music for a Gleaming Woman by Aimee Parkison

The Tennessee Highway Death Chant by Keegan Jennings Goodman

In Universe in Minature in Miniature by Patrick Somerville

(This Fucking Body Is) Never Yours by Linda Chavers

The Busy Life by Laura Neuman

Sweet/Crude: A Bakken Boom Cycle by Heidi Czerweic

A Woman Alone by Nora Boydston

The Bicycle Year by Caroline Cabrera

How We Light by Nick Sturm

A Basic Guide by Nick Sturm

Life Event by Nate Pritts

Field Guide to Autobiography by Melissa Eleftherion

A New American Field Guide & Song Book by Ryan Collins

Radiant Action by Matt Hart

The Witness by Kelly Fordon (x2)

The Lunatic Ball by Margo Taft Stever

Closure by Mary E. Williams (x4)

Ode to Oil by Philip Metres

Queen Mab and the Moon Boy by Robert Miltner (x2)

Shapes the Clouds Assume by Jesse Millner (x2)

Talking with the Radio by Zack Rogow (x4)

Cat Poems: Wompus Tales & A Play of Despair by Christopher Shipman (x4)

The Pudding House Gang Ed. Jennifer Bosveld (x2)

Cap City Poets Ed. Steve Abbot, Connie Willett Everett, Rose M. Smith (x2)

The Memoirs of Jonbenet by Kathy Acker by Michael Du Plessis

The Evoluntionary Revolution by Lily Hoang     (CUPBOARD PAMPHLET AUTHOR)

Coyote by Colin Winnette

The Shape of Blue by Liz Scheid

Letters to the Devil by Lena Bertone

Together We Can Bury It by Kathy Fish

Frequencies Vol. 1 Ed. KMA Sullivan & Rob MacDonald (x2)  (YesYes Books)

Even Now by Jill Sabella & Rosemerry Trommer (x2)

Amor Fati by Jack Mueller

Primate Poems by Danny Rosen

Between Hurricanes by Jennifer Rane Hancock

Stray by Adam Houle

Counting in Dog Years by Frank H. Coons

Footnote by Trish Hopkinson

The Siren World by Juan J. Morales

Going Down Grand Ed. Peter Anderson & Rick Kempa

Hyacinth by Kyle Harvey

July by Kyle Harvey

In the Empty Mountains by Robert W. King (z2)

Finding Cassiopeia by Frank H. Coons

The Gate by Jack Mueller

Budada by Jack Mueller (x2)

Ghosting America by John Knoll (x2)

Holodeck One by Jessica Baer

Wallop by Jordan Stempleman

Avant Gauze by Christine Friedlander

Object Permanence by Hossannah Asuncion

Distress Tolerance by Kamden Hilliard

Nihilist Kitach by Matthew Falk

The Truth by Geoff Rips

Hermine: An Animal Life by Maria Beig

The Plains by Gerald Murnane

Little House, Big House (Now How I Am an American) by Liz Waldner

The Refusal of Suitors by Ryo Yamaguchi (x2)

Mess and Mess and by Douglas Kearney (x2)

Titulada by Elena Minor (x2)

Uncountry: A Mythology by Yanara Friedland (x2)

The Art of Work by Jen Fitzgerald (x2)

The Reveal by Chloe Garcia Roberts (x2)

The Locust Diagrams by Nathan Parker (x2)

Bicycle by Roberto Harrison (x2)

Blood by Shane McCrae (x3)

Constellarium by Jordan Rice

The Divine Magnet: Herman Melville letters to Nathaniel Hawthorne Ed. Mark Neimeyer

The Orison Anthology

Natives by Inongo-vi-Makome

Worm-Eaten Time by Pavel Srut

Rituals of Restlessness by Yaghoub Yadali

Things I Want to Punch in the Face by Jennifer Worick

Talk Like a Californian by Helena Ventura

The Break-Up Activity Book by Lynn Chang

Odd One Out by Quinton Skinner

Literary Pasadena

The Neurotic Parent's Guide to Collge Admissions by J.D. Rothman

Sayonara Slam by Naomi Hirahara

Bertrand Court by Michelle Brafman

Washing the Dead by Michelle Brafman

A Narrow Bridge by J.J. Gesher

Plus One by Christopher Noxon

Non-Essential Mnemonics by Kent Woodyard

Elizabeth the First Wife by Lian Dolan

Punctuations by Nolan Zavoral

The Scene as I Imagined It by Anika Fajardo

In the Space Between by Craig Ruhland & Anthony Ceballos

The Heart of Everything That Is by Sarah Hayes

Imagines for Radical Politics by Vanessa Jimenez Gabb

The Division of Labor by Dot Devota

On Hours by Marc Rahe

They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of Five Flash Chapbooks

Color Plates by Adam Golaski

The Voyager Record by Anthony Michael Morena

All Movies Love the Moon by Gregory Robinson (x2)

But Our Princess Is in Another Castle by B.J. Best (x2)

Liliane's Balcony by Kelcey Parker

Tinderbox Lawn by Carol Guess

Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction Ed. Dinty Moore

The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova by Kelcey Parker Evrick (x2)

The Yalta Stunts by Alvin Krinst

Hoptime: a novel by J.F. Mamjjasond & Fafnir Finkelmeyer

The Quiddity of Delusion by M.J. Nicholls

An Occasional History by Laura Davenport

Errata by Jacob Smullyan

Sir William Forsythe's Freebase Nuptials by Sean Kilpatrick

Burn Pit by Mary Armstrong

Water Stories by Brighde Mullins

Bonanza by Lynn McGee

What's Become of Eden: Poems of Family at Century's End Ed. Stephanie Strickland

A Turn Around the Mansion Grounds: Poems in Convsersation & a Conversation by Molly Peacock & Amy M. Clark

Everyone At This Party Has Two Names by Brad Aaron Modlin (x5)     (CUPBOARD PAMPHLET AUTHOR)

Telling My Father by James Crews (x3)

The SOHO Press Book of 80s Short Fiction Ed. Dale Peck

The Marriage of a Thousand Lies by SJ Sindu

Solar Bones by Mike McCormack

Sip by Brian Allen Carr

Mad Country by Samrat Upadhyay

D'Arc by Robert Repino

Sonora by Hannah Lillith Assadi

Savage Theories by Pola Oloixarac

Mort(e) by Robert Repino

BOMB, the Author Interviews Ed. Betsy Sussler

The City, Awake by duncan b. barlow      (CUPBOARD PAMPHLET AUTHOR)

Witness by Curtis Smith

After the Honeymoon by Nathan Graziano

Lot Boy by Greg Shemkovitz

How the Potato Chip Was Invented by Daniel M. Shapiro

Sex and Death by Ben Tanzer

Howard by Sarah Boyer

America Plops and Fizzes by Andrew Rihn

Breaking It Down by Rusty Barnes

Winterward by William Stafford (x15)

Oddballs by Jim Westergard

Beasts of New York by Jon Evans

The Hermit by Lucy Ives

Motor Maids across the Continent by Ron Padgett

The Orchid Stories by Kenward Elmslie

The Writer's Notebook

Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots by William Wallace Cook

Mentor: a memoir by Tom Grimes

The Story of My House by Richard Jefferies

Canyon Sacrifice by Scott Graham

Inhabited by Charlie Quimby

Through the Woods by Gary Ferguson

Hawks Rest: A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone by Gary Ferguson

The Daily Poet by Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano

Mytheria by Molly Tenenbaum

An Electric Sheep Jumps To Greener Pasture by Tyler Atwood

We Were Warriors by Johnny No Bueno

Year of the Goose by Caryl J. Hallman

The Shooting by James Boice

The Long Fire by Meghan Tifft

Seahorse by Janice Pariat

The Fine Art of Fucking Up by Cate Dicharry

State of the Union Ed. Joshua Beckman and Matthew Zapruder

Quaker Guns by Caroline Knox

Selected poems of Gennady Aygi Trans. Sarah Valentine

I Heart Your Fate by Anthony McCann

Micrograms by Jorge Carrera Andrade

The Most of It by Mary Ruefle

Destroyer and Preserver by Matthew Rohrer

Notes from Irrelevance by Anselm Berrigan

City of Corners by John Godfrey

Guy by Jowita Bydlowska

The Heavy Bear by Tim Bowling

The Society of Experience by Matt Cahill

Mythmaking Ed. Allie Batts and Lise Quintana

Dreamspinning Ed. Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

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