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Teaching Notes for The Storm That Bears Your Name:

Use in the classroom to discuss: the detritus of storms; organic growth and decay; grief narratives; creeping horror; place studies; poetic/economical language; writing about writing; (sur)realism; fatherhood; parenthood; partnership; vivid world viewed through a very strange lens; unexpected plot elements; bizarre children; hauntings; histories, real and imagined; leaves and leavings.


Pairs well with 26 Abductions, The Movie My Murderer Makes, Becoming Monster.

The Storm That Bears Your Name by Matthew Mahaney

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Winner of the Cupboard’s 2015 Contest
    35 pages. Perfect-bound.


    It remembers. Or, it is remembered. Secrets thicken in Matthew Mahaney’s The Storm That Bears Your Name, providing spaces through which children slip, spaces in which the once-said or never-said still shiver. Will you know yourself in the new town? Will the branches bear your weight? Winner of the Cupboard Pamphlet’s Fourth-Ever Contest, The Storm That Bears Your Name cracks open the distance between what is, what was, and what will be as if to say, Maybe.

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