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Teaching Notes for The Projector:

Use in the classroom to discuss: fantastic animals; altered worlds; vivid worlds viewed through a very strange lens; poetic/economical language; linked narratives; characters in uncanny environments; (sur)realism; ambiguity of character; queer identity; partnership; survival amid extinction events; apocalypses; hopeful dystopias; love tokens.


Pairs well with The Coupon Thief, Last Days of the Microsaurs, Weird Weeks (forthcoming).

The Projector by Jenn Marie Nunes

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  • 33 pages.


    Squelch the span between categories. Collapse into the contrast and the corrosion between the animal and the mineral, the zombie and the unicorn, the you and the I. Toughen up your hands and touch with soft love the red sweater that you or another might wear. Then you will inhabit the pink erosions of Jenn Marie Nunes’ The Projector, where identity turns into question or exclamation, question and exclamation. Who?! You will both ask and know.

  • Jenn Marie Nunes is the author of numerous chapbooks, including the forthcoming collection of short shorts, JUNED, winner of the YesYes Books 2015 Vinyl 45s Chapbook Contest, and the collaborative Hymn: An Ovulution(Bloof Books 2015). Her work appears in such journals as ACTION, YES!, Tupelo Quarterly, Black Warrior Review, Ninth Letter, New Orleans Review and spork, and she is co-founding editor of TENDE RLOIN, an online gallery for poetry. Her first full-length collection, AND/OR, selected as winner of the Switchback Books’ Queer Voices Award, came out in the spring of 2015.

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