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Teaching Notes for Last Days of the Microsaurs:

Use in the classroom to discuss: writing as an activity of play; segmented narratives; internal structures; the death drive; family dynamics; parenthood; usage of analogy and metaphor; depth collections; the formation and organization of a story collection; brevity; people shoved into family or gender situations that don't fit; uncanny characters in everyday environments; (not) belonging; survival amid extinction events; apocalypses; hopeful dystopia; dinosaurs.


Pairs well with You On Mars: Failed Sci-Fi Stories, Prehistoric, The Coupon Thief, Weird Weeks.

Last Days of the Microsaurs by Kelsie Hahn

  • 64 pages.

    Perfect bound.


    This is how dinosaurs have fun. They congregate at clubs; they keg-stand; they clutch at eggs and imagine the success of their babies. They don’t mind drawn-out dental exams or soggy bus seats. They don’t mind being bones. They know that there are things that even inescapable extinction events can’t erase. Winner of The Cupboard Pamphlet’s 2017 Annual Contest, Kelsie Hahn’s Last Days of the Microsaurs excavates the ancient impact remnants of every awkward interaction that predated you. So go on. Go extinct. Your dinosaur friends have something to tell you.

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