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Acts of Kindness and Excellence in Time Tables

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  • by Caia Hagel
    44 pages. Tape-bound.


    Larry sings cabaret acts at a nightclub called The Unicorn. He wears on stage a spidersuit his mother sewed for him when he was five. The spotlight shines right at his chest. The manager of the nightclub has girl trouble. His wife sunbakes in the nude. Larry’s father died when he was young, and all he has left is the old man’s binoculars. What does Larry see out his apartment’s open windows? Some feelings hurt, life can get lonely, and from time to time we’re reminded: superheroes are real.

  • Caia Hagel’s personality profiles, travelogues, and art critiques appear from time to time in magazines and TV networks internationally. Her dream sequence on snakes partook of the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival as part of video artist Roy Villevoye’s short film, Beginnings. She has won Best Feature Article at the New York Folio Media Awards for her profile on design demigod Rem Koolhaas, and Best International Experimental Short Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival for script and performance in Under the Swell. Her essays with photographs by Tim Georgeson in the monograph, Blood; Or a Long Weekend With My Wife’s Family, were lately exhibited at Stills Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

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