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Cupboard Pamphlet's 

One-time Fundraiser

We have over 400 books from 55 small presses to give away! For only $25 we will send you an assortment of the finest small press literature, broadsides, and even LPs. Check out the full list of presses and books we're giving away HERE, and when we ask for your shipping information please feel free to make requests for which books you would like. First donated, first served so no guarantees, but we'll do our best.

Standard-sized ash wood bookmark featuring a quote from Theodora Bishop's "Mother Tongues".


"Stories are so important when you become a bundle of bones, you know."

Four 13 x 20 inch, black and white prints.






"Let's not be exhausted"

Brad Aaron Modlin from Surviving in Drought.

"Step back baby hold yourself together."

Jennifer A. Howard from You on Mars: Failed Sci-Fi Stories.

"One is not born a monster, one becomes monster."

Christopher Higgs from Becoming Monster.

A bundle of the dopest swag in all the land, including:

"Fuck Genre" tote bag

"Writer's Lie" tote bag

Custom wooden book box

Cupboard t-shirt

Custom wooden bookmark

Wave Books generously donated ten hardback, limited edition, numbered, and signed books of poetry. These are a $300 value separately, but we only have bundle of them to give away, so snatch it up while you can. 

The Maze of the Blue Medusa

The Maze of the Blue Medusa, donated by Satyr, an imprint of Sator Press. This is literally the last copy of its limited edition print run. Originally sold for $50, this full color hardback is the ultimate book for all rare book lovers.

We are auctioning it off on eBay, but get your bid in soon because the auction closes on Oct 10!

Cupboard editor Kelly Dulaney will provide an editorial manuscript consult on your novel, short story collection, or other prose work. If you want your work read by a professional editor, here is your opportunity.

We only have one of these to give away!

Cupboard's video artist, Ian Bawn has donated a full book trailer for a lucky writer. If you are a writer or a publisher and have a book being released in six months to a year, Ian Bawn will make a trailer for you that will melt your brain.

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