A compendium of info, errata, stories behind the stories, events, etc.

Announcement: The Fifth Cupboard Contest

Our Fifth Cupboard Contest is now open! $300 and publication. Judged by Matt Bell. Please submit prose manuscripts between 4,000 and 8,000 words at via Submissions may comprise one piece or many. We do not publish verse poetry. All submissions will be read blind; thus, your name or contact information should only appear within your cover letter and not within the manuscript itself. The entire manuscript should not have been published previously, but please include an acknowledgments page if individual pieces...   (posted 20 April 2015)

Announcement: Announcing Some New Editors & Farewell from Old Ones

Dear Friends: The Cupboard is about to release its 20th volume. This doesn’t necessarily necessitate a change, it just happens happily to come with one. We three editors are stepping aside. It’s regrettable and for the best. Earlier this year, we each agreed that we were no longer able to dedicate the amount of time needed to keep The Cupboard running, but we also knew that none of us wanted to let it end. Here comes the happy part: our books designer, Todd Seabrook, eagerly stepped up as editor to continue all operations. He and...   (posted 5 December 2014)

Announcement: Fourth-Ever Contest Winners

The Cupboard is pleased to announce the winner and finalists of its fourth-ever contest. Winner: Matthew Mahaney, The Storm That Bears Your Name Honorable Mention: Katy Gunn, Juno or Jove Finalists: Claire Lombardo Joel Wayne Marilyn Horn-Fahey M. Mack About Mahaney’s prose, judge Alissa Nutting wrote: “The surreal contexts of these narratives read like missives from alternate futures, and the surety of their emotional tenor makes the wildly improbable read like our realistic fate. I was dazzled by the ways these stories could...   (posted 17 June 2014)

Announcement: Backshelf Books

How to get great Cupboards on the cheap every month.   (posted 5 December 2013)

Sideboard: Future Landscapes by Janna Plant

I shoved the gold key in, turned it, and stood still as the white door swung away from me.   (posted 21 November 2013)

Sideboard: Bête Noire by Heather Sartin

They expected me to feel love right away. I was expected to do and say and feel. This went on for months.   (posted 11 October 2013)

Sideboard: about the fall by Jason Downey

It's a process now in knowing things open up fully in their own time.   (posted 21 July 2013)

Sideboard: Those Who Know by Andrew Kozma

What about those who don't want to know? Who refuse to know?   (posted 27 June 2013)

Sideboard: Wish You Well by Nicole Walker

In the desert, with our juniper berries instead of our roses, we are not suspicious. You can see everything here. You can see the storms coming in from Portland.   (posted 15 April 2013)

Sideboard: Big Event by Carlin Mackie

I was going to go for it real hardcore.   (posted 26 March 2013)